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thankQ for Voluntary Organisations

For Voluntary Organisations, we have developed thankQ recognising your need for strong relationship management with other organisations, rather than individuals, and to help co-ordinate information and events with your local members and agencies.

For infrastructure organisations we help you manage your membership details and disseminate themed information in a consistent fashion to your members either by direct communication or by providing an online directory. thankQ is used in the voluntary sector at local, sub regional and national levels.

For regional consortia, we are able to help you coordinate your efforts, pooling relevant data and resource information with partners to provide a regional picture of activity and improved effectiveness between consortium members. Whatever your requirements, thankQ has the modules that will help you make your resources work effectively for you.



  • contacts
  • volunteers
  • members
  • relationships


  • grants
  • trusts
  • resource planning
  • donations


  • newsletters
  • attachments
  • mailing & email
  • SMS


  • events
  • projects
  • reporting & data tools
  • web directory