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At the heart of all of our products is a rapid configuration tool (ADMiT) enabling us to deliver quick and effective solutions to meet your demands. Our ‘off the shelf’ products - thankQ for the not-for-profit sector, cabinet for general document management and IMAGES for environmental monitoring are ready to meet your needs, but can all be configured further to meet your specific requirements. If you have a more unusual requirement, we still use the same rapid development toolkit to deliver bespoke solutions in a fraction of the time of conventional development.

All our software is exclusively developed, sold and supported by us so we can provide the full service – design, implementation, training and support in one location with one team.


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A software development tool specifically designed to aid the rapid configuration of applications to match your requirements.


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A single point of access to all documents, removing the need to keep multiple copies and ensuring version control is maintained.



A total management solution for all of your contaminated land and environmental monitoring data.



An end-to-end solution for the capture, management and analysis of field data.


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An established, robust and flexible database solution for not-for-profit organisations. thankQ delivers cost effective processing and management of accurate information, when and where you need it.


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Modelled on ADMiT, webMiT enables us to configure and deliver data-driven websites in a fraction of the time of conventional web programming.