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Below you will find some of our most recent news stories. If you would like more detail on any of these.


Release International select thankQ

4th December 2006

Kent-based, Release International are the latest organisation to select thankQ to assist in their fundraising and contact management. Specific customisation is planned to meet the project management needs of their International Department.


It's academic for ESiT

1st December

ESiT has been making further inroads into the alumni and student records sectors in the last few months. Keele and Edinburgh Universities were the first to select thankQ and over the last few months have been followed by London South Bank University, Royal Northern College of Music, University of Cambridge Veterinary School and United World Colleges.


ESiT leave no footprints

24th November

ESiT today planted 50 more trees to offset their carbon emissions for the last year. Our major source of carbon output, business travel, is reducing thanks to the better use of technology and journey planning but we are keen to maintain the same tree planting levels with the National Forest. This is the third consecutive year that we have planted trees to offset our carbon footprint and are keen for other organisations to adopt this idea.


ESiT working with ICT Hub

16th November

Graham Hewitt, is speaking at the ICT hub regional forum on 6th December in York, on ESiT’s experiences of collaborative working with North Yorkshire Forum for Voluntary Organisations. The ICT Hub is linked to the £70 million Change Up programme which focuses on ensuring voluntary and community organisations have access to outstanding goods and resources.


Double the benefit from car sharing

17th July 2016

For nearly two years, staff at ESiT have been encouraged to consider the environment on their daily commute and have been offered small rewards for becoming greener commuters. This summer, the company has been looking for a more effective incentive to improve take-up of the scheme and lessen its impact on the environment still further.

However, it has been difficult to find the right incentive. On the surface, a reward in proportion to the distance covered seemed the correct way to encourage people. but, while car sharing from 20 miles away may have a greater environmental benefit than encouraging a local employee to walk, it may be the local employee who has to invest more time in the alternative method.

As director John Bird explains, "We realised it was the personal effort and not the environmental difference that had to be rewarded, and such an incentive was always going to be too subjective to be applied fairly. Instead, we decided to make a donation to a local charity and the amount suddenly became irrelevant to the tindividual; those making the effort could see that they are making a difference to somebody who really needs it and the incentive became greater. and a donation of a private car number plate has also been provided by, many thanks."

This solution means that the Green Commuting scheme has double the benefit - to the environment, and to the charities who receive the donation. Last year, ESiT employees made over 1000 'green commutes' to work; this year they are hoping to take that figure to 2000, which means £2000 will be shared between local charities Loros, who provide palliative hospice care, and environmental awareness organisation Groundwork Leicester and Leicestershire, previously known as Environ.


Edinburgh University identify thankQ for Alumni Services

16th June 2006

ESiT are pleased to announce that the University of Edinburgh have selected them to provide a replacement Fundraising and Alumni management software solution for the Development and Alumni Services department.

Based on the established thankQ software, the solution will be used to manage approximately 100,000 alumni records and their donations each year. The second phase of the project will see the thankQ database fully integrated with the MyEd alumni portal allowing former students to configure their access to web-based services within and beyond the University, including an on-line directory of alumni and the ability to donate on-line.


More organisations adopt thankQ

5th June 2006

We are pleased to announce that three more charities - Crosslinks, Childhood First and the Leeds Jewish Welfare Board - have all started implementations of thankQ in the last few weeks.


ESiT launch new look, easier to use website

26th May 2017

ESiT today announced the launch of their new look website. Designed to enable quick location of information, the cool, fresh, modern approach welcomes visitors old and new and reflects the company’s open approach to business.

John Bird, ESiT Director said “I am delighted with our new site, the layout is clear and simple to use and the links quickly take you where you need to be. Customers can access a secure user area and I would encourage them to do so, for logging and tracking support calls and for viewing information relevant to their specific configuration. By listening to visitor feedback and incorporating elements, we are confident this new format will meet the needs of customers, prospects and site visitors.”


thankQ refresher training takes off

May 2006

Using your product to its full potential is key to maximising the return on your investment. Why not develop your skills by taking a refresher course with thankQ? The day is designed so you can revisit the functionality of each module through a structured programme and will equip you with the necessary skills and shortcuts to further enhance your thankQ experience.

The next courses are: Tuesday 27th June, Wednesday 19th July and Tuesday 5th September.  For more information please contact us.


Cabinet War Rooms is location for User Group meeting.

April 2016

Users of ESiT thankQ software were treated to an interactive User Group meeting, at the once secret location of the Cabinet War Rooms beneath the Treasury, London.

Delegates were briefed on the ongoing developments in the flexible thankQ software and actively participated with comment, discussion and feedback throughout the day long programme.

Press release (PDF - 37KB)