ESiT Limited

effective IT solutions for the environment

ESiT has been providing data management systems in the environment sector for over 10 years. Solutions have evolved from drawing and document management through to complete environmental monitoring systems and mobile data capture solutions.

IMAGES (Information Management and Geographical Evaluation System) is ESiT’s solution for the management of contaminated land and associated environmental monitoring data. Developed alongside UKAEA (UK Atomic Energy Authority), IMAGES controls all data associated with land quality, asset management and decision support. IMAGES enables consistent data capture, storage and workflow control which aids both the technical assessment and records management aspects of a site investigation.


land quality

asset management

  • infield data capture
  • inventory management
  • building register
  • photo management

waste management

  • LLRAD database
  • workflow control
  • ISO proforma
  • barcode scanning


  • bespoke solutions
  • drawing / document management
  • web solutions
  • system integration